About us

JunkOust is a Quick and powerful PC Cleaning software. It makes your PC more faster so that it can be used more effectively on daily basis. We stand on the principal that, we provide the right tools to keep pace with the demands of fast moving technology.

JunkOust is providing simple but effective solutions to solve PC issues. We help computer users to secure, protect and fix their computers. We combine it with hands-on remote live support by experts to provide a personal level of care.

We believe PCs are meant to speed up things. So you can work smarter and faster. You shouldn’t have to waste time dealing with viruses, spyware, and other threats – or hassling with the software that’s supposed to be protecting you!

We developed JunkOust utility to provide outstanding protection to your computer. PC optimization and error repair tools that works quickly and efficiently, without slowing speed of your computer like other bloated security products.

The JunkOust benefits include:

  • Unlimited live PC support.
  • Secure your data, privacy and online identity.
  • Tools to keep your computer running fast.

At JunkOust, we believe people perform at their best when they are focused and are able to work and live their own way. Computer is  one of the most dominant player and recreational tool for the bussiness . When it stops or pauses, so does your business and leisure!